Java FX Composer / Designer for NetBeans 6.8 - First Smoke Test

  1. Installation: smooth and fast directly from the Tools -> Plugins (don't forget to click the "Reload Catalog" button in the plugin manager). It takes about 30 seconds - you don't even have to restart NetBeans 6.8!
  2. Usability: similar to NetBeans Matisse (Swing GUI designer). A WYSIWYG designer for UIs with Source / Designer views. The resulting code is more concise, comparing it to matisse. The generated code cannot be modified in the editor manually - very similar to matisse.
  3. Generated code: actually clean and concise. It uses coordinates for the FX Nodes - so it works well. 
  4. Data Sources: Java FX composer comes with JDBC, HTTP (XML / JSON), FileSystem and File datasources, as well as nested Filters. The Java FX code is generated into a directory and is o.k. 
  5. States: an interesting vehicle for designing state transitions between states. State transition can be initiated by e.g. actions / events. Handy for navigations and designing the state changes between scenes.
  6. Data Binding: most (all?) components properties can be visually bound. Interesting: there are already built-in converters in place which helps you to convert String -> String[] or (DataSource) Records -> String[]. You can e.g. bind easily a JSON services to a list component. Binding a JSON/REST datasource to a ListView is possible in seconds. XML and other formats seem not to be supported right now.
  7. Templates: are an interesting way to scaffolding. E.g. the Desktop Form template makes the generation of a business form easier.


Weldone Adam,

You are such a quiet role model in the java community.
Keep the good work on.....

Also to find out, how do you get your hands so quickly and smooth on the bleeding edge technologies from java. I work using the java enterprise tech (EJB, JSF.......) but don't get that fast as you often do.
I admire you

Posted by Michael Enudi on March 10, 2010 at 12:29 PM CET #

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