Java User Group (JUG) Stockholm: "Java EE Was Serverless--Now Comes Cloudy Quarkus"

Comparing Java EE concepts and monoliths to serverless AWS Lambdas with Quarkus and MicroProfile

During the talk, I referred to:

  1. The Perfect JavaEE Microservice
  2. Why Not One Application Per Server / Domain?
  3. What are: ThinWARs, HollowJARs, SkimmedJARs, FatJARs, UeberJARs, FatWARs and Executable Images?
  4. Hey Enterprise EJB Developers Now Is The Time To Go Serverless

See you every first Monday of the month at 8pm CET (UTC+1:00) and

The example was created with the MicroProfile / Quarkus AWS Lambda template


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