JavaEE ...And The Bloat Is Gone (Session at InfoShare Conference)

Session video: "JavaEE ...And The Bloat Is Gone at InfoShare" in Gdansk. This time no live coding, just slides :-)

See you at Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport, contents of the video are also covered at the Architecture Day!

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Well, Adam, you almost make me want to use Java EE.


My first day at NetBeans in 1999 was being handed a HUGE book on EJB and being told "Here's a book on Java EE. Here's our EJB module. Here's the guy who wrote it. Write the documentation."

Very nice presentation!

The things at this point that bother me about JavaEE-land are: Asynchronous frameworks are going to win - reality is asynchronous, and it simply offers a programming model which matches reality better - a packet shows up at your network card, you didn't ask for it, you can't predict it but you have to deal with it. I can demo my Netty-based framework talking to a NodeJS demo app with 10K+ connections between them really moving data, and not trigger the fan on my laptop. I can't get anywhere near that with, say, Tomcat. And even if that part gets solved, almost every Java web framework relies on ThreadLocals to do its work, so even if you can escape from 1-thread:1-socket at the front door, you're stuck with it. And lastly, at this point, server-side HTML generation is an antipattern - I'm probably serving flat files and a REST API. Why do I want a 100Mb appserver for that when I can do it with a tiny footprint and still handle massive scale?

Maybe there are answers to these issues and I just haven't heard them?

Posted by Tim Boudreau on June 18, 2013 at 04:38 PM CEST #

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