JavaOne 11 Strategy Keynote Notes - Day 2

  1. Java FX runs on iPad, a linux based device :-) and Windows tablets - as a prototype
  2. Java FX is going to be completely open source overtime (I think the engineers need some time to clean-up the code :-))
  3. Apache TomEE is Java EE 6 WebProfile certified - now we have seven Java EE 6 certified servers
  4. WebSphere CE is Java EE 6 WebProfile certified as well (and freely downloadable)
  5. Twitter joins openJDK and JCP it uses Java, Scala and Clojure.
  6. Announcement of Project Avatar - the event driven "synergy" of Java EE, SE and ME. Also: Java is able to manipulate HTML DOM
  7. JDK 1.7 Developer Preview is available for Mac OS X
  8. Java ME + SE will merge over time
  9. ESPN moved from "proprietary" application container to Java EE 6 and Glassfish. The motivation: simplicity and scalability
  10. Oracle stated: "NetBeans is a true success story and we will continue to invest in it". I would say: it is also a truly productive story :-)
  11. Because JavaFX's small footprint it is going to be used as base for embedded devices as well


Thanks for the shortcuts and tweets Adam!

I'm especially happy because of the TomEE.

I think it's an important response to Spring people telling that they need a special application server for the code to run instead of "Tomcat + 3 jars".

Now we have a choice to use Tomcat + Spring or Tomcat + Java EE

Posted by PedroKowalski on October 05, 2011 at 03:32 AM CEST #


it is all about freedom of choice. Regardless what you are choosing, you should be always able to clearly explain why it is your preferred choice.

If your explanation is reasonable (let others judge about that) - it is usually also maintainable.

thanks for your comment and enjoy Java EE!,


Posted by Adam Bien on October 05, 2011 at 12:37 PM CEST #

I agree and I think that if in a given environment there is (sometimes unreasonable) need for using 'just Tomcat with jars' instead of full-blown application server, than TomEE might be a very valid alternative.

Despite that the AS right now can be very fast, robust and lightweight, sometimes the decisive person is not willing to accept the arguments.
In such situations, I think that the TomEE is an important part of the Java EE environment.

Have fun on J1!

Posted by PedroKowalski on October 05, 2011 at 02:06 PM CEST #

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