JavaOne Afterglow, High Performance Java EE, JSON over DTO, Maven Releases Or 21st Airhacks Questions And Answers

In the first show after JavaOne I will cover the topics following topics:

  1. JavaOne News, vibe and impressions
  2. Recommendations to ensure the high-performance & high-availability in Java EE applications?
  3. SOAP and duplicated namespaces after server upgrade
  4. REST with proxies and JSON over DTOs
  5. A beginners guide to application servers
  6. How to separate Control from Boundary on a real world example
  7. How I use Maven release plugin and possible strategies
  8. Arabic keyboard in a Java FX text field
  9. SessionId mechanism between a WebApp and JavaScript client
  10. How to kickstart Hazelcast in Java EE
  11. My view on OOP and trending functional languages. From JavaOne Airhacks BoF
  12. Database access in a SaaS-Environment (JavaEE). One database per user. Best way to add dynamically database conf/connections for new users? JavaOne Airhacks BoF
  13. Mixing Primefaces with various JavaScript frameworks. From Effective Java EE comment

Ask questions now or wait one month :-). See you tomorrow (November, 4th), Wednesday at 6 pm, CET:

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Hi Adam,

I'm the author of question 12. And yes, Datasources would be the correct word.

Actually we are already using your first suggested solution with predefined entity managers.

To improve this behaviour a little bit we built a producer which selects the needed manager. So we can simple inject entitymanagers.

So far so good.

Unfortunatly I'm not a big friend of this solution. In our project we have to change everytime the source code (add the new @PersistenceContext(unit=...)) if there is a new customer (every customer has his own database ).

We didn't find any well working alternative without losing jta.

I wondered a little bit. there aren't many post about this problem. But it my opinion it seems to be a very commen case in a SaaS-environment.

Would you suggest to handle the transaction by our self to add dynamic datasources and throw jta away ?
We were to much afraid of this extra load of work and source of mistakes.


Posted by Julian on November 10, 2015 at 01:06 PM CET #

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