JavaOne, JUG, Q&As and Airhacking--Free Events, Sessions and Workshops

At JavaOne I'm speaking at the following sessions:

  1. Java EE 8 Community Update and Panel [CON2131] details / preenroll
  2. Productive JavaFX 8 [CON2265] details / preenroll
  3. Enterprise Nashorn [CON2266] details / preenroll
  4. Unorthodox Enterprise Practices [CON2301] details / preenroll
  5. Free Java Tools for Maven and Java EE [UGF8872] details / preenroll

All the sessions above have already around 100 pre-enrolled attendees. Hurry up, in the last years most of the sessions were full and only a few were repeated.

  1. Free event: 6th October, 6 P.M CET: 7th Airhacks Questions & Answers: With JavaOne coverage details / subscribe
  2. Free event: 16th October, 5.30 PM CET: Timisoara JUG Session: Hacking Opinionated JavaFX / Java 8 Apps details / subscribe

Special events at Airport Munich:

  1. 13th October, Munich Airport Java 8 with Java EE 7 workshop
  2. 14th October, Munich Airport Testing and Code Quality

Both workshops will take place--they are already well attended.

8th December - 12th December, Airport Munich: From Zero to Java EE with HTML 5--the "traditional" workshop series--already well attended.


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