JavaOne San Francisco 2013: Feedback

This year JavaOne in San Francisco started like in the old years …in the Moscone Center. The Sunday's keynote consisted of two parts: strategy and technology part.

The main message of the strategy part was "the same programming model with Java 8 everywhere". I guess developers are the target audience, so that the strategy part could be even more shortened. After the strategy part, the technology part was interesting, relevant and entertaining.

At Thursday the Community started with Freescale's talk about "internet of things". Although the content is relevant, it would be better delivered with some technology examples by a "developer".

The actual "community part" was excellent, entertaining and surprising. Tori Wieldt, Donald Smith, Henrik Stahl delivered a great job--there is no room for criticism left. See also some pictures.

Either I was extremely fortunate, or the advisory board did a great job this year (the latter is more likely). All sessions I attended (I only missed two slots in the whole week) were really good. I learned a lot, enjoyed the time and now my vacations are over :-(

I think it was the best JavaOne under "Oracle's Stewardship" so far. Hopefully see you next year: 29th September - 2nd October 2014.



I was also pleasantly surprised with the quality of the sessions this year.

I have been attending JavaOne for quite a few years, and I have come to expect one or two marginal sessions, and at least one genuinely awful BOF, but that was not the case for me this year.

Posted by James Velasco on October 01, 2013 at 09:01 PM CEST #

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