JUG HH Rocks, Java EE 5 Hacking - Rethinking Best Practices, Discounts On Java ONE Top Selling Books and the PI mug

I really enjoyed yesterday's Java User Group Meeting in Hamburg - during my Java EE 5 workshop week at oose.de. The session started at 8 PM ...and ended about 11.00 PM. We talked about patterns, approaches and best practices an additional hour - it was a great Java developer crowd in a nice hacker-like location. I started with rudimentary slides and tried to answer the questions with hacking - it worked good (at least from my perspective :-)). I used Netbeans 6.1 with Glassfish v2ur2 (the "out-of-the-box-Java-EE-edition") - I was asked several times afterwards, whether it is really free - it is - I only used an additional UML plugin to visualize the stuff which is free as well.

Btw. the Java User Group meetings are located in a book store in Hamburg - with a considerable amount of Java books. They told me - that the Java ONE top selling books are all available and discounted. ...the Java area is significantly bigger, comparing it to the .NET (at least yesterday - during the JUG-meeting :-)).

The best of all - I got a PI-mug afterwards - but the JUG-leader didn't knew the PI Movie (it's really great hacker movie with the same name)... I would expect to have at least one DVD in the shop :-).


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