JUG Tricity, Microservices and The History Repeats

During the sold-out NetBeans day in Munich with Toni Epple and Geertjan Wielenga, we remembered (Geertjan's Report (green dot on a purple line), my coverage) a NetBeans World Tour trip from Poznan to Gdansk in October 2008 with a rent car and with iPhone 1 as a navigation with a poor internet coverage.

Six years later I gave a session Building Reasonable JavaEE 7 Apps on Java8 called “Microservices" for the Tricity Java User Group. It was exactly the same location and I also used NetBeans.

My airplane was supposed to land in Gdansk, but the weather conditions were bad and the airport was closed. We landed in Poznan instead. Buses were supposed to bring us to Gdansk, but no one knew when they will arrive.

After a hard negotiation I took a taxi instead. The taxi driver was very nice and funny. However, he did not knew the route to Gdansk and was afraid to go fast. I used my phone to navigate him to Gdansk and the venue. At the same time I cranked some Java EE code on the back seat and concurrently watched the speed of the car. I reminded the driver to go fast at any attempt to slow down.

As the driver recognized, that >100 attendees are waiting for us in Gdansk, he became really nervous and begun to sweat.

We had a single stop (at a graveyard) to detach the taxi-light at the roof--to go faster.

Via email I kept Kuba Marchwicki informed about the progress. I came one hour later and Kuba delivered a prelude talk to keep the crowd entertained.

I enjoyed the session, got many interesting questions. The event was stopped by the security--they wanted to close venue for the night.

Next day the airport was still closed. I rent a car and went to Warsaw. But this is a different story :-)

I'm really looking forward to the next Trinity Java User Group meeting. I'm curious what happens then :-).

See you at Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or dedicated virtual workshops!


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