Kafka over JAX-RS, Spring to MP, JSON to POJO, Java Records, Code Coverage--or 75th airhacks.tv

Topics (https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/f2487eefd36b718b4d3ee60064ab4e6e) for the 75th airhacks.tv (always first Monday of the month, 8pm CET / CEST):

  1. Kafka over JAX-RS?
  2. Migrations from Spring & AngularJS to JakartaEE/MicroProfile & Web Components
  3. JSON-B vs. GSON and the importance of APIs
  4. Thoughts on JSON to POJO mapping conventions
  5. Path.of over Paths.get
  6. Whats the point of Java Records?
  7. Is it possible to use the same MP JWT configuration on various servers / runtimes?
  8. Beginners vs. "expert" content
  9. The best "fullstack"
  10. Dangerous "Increasing Code Coverage" screencast
  11. NetBeans in 2020/2021
  12. Visual Studio Setup for Java
  13. screencast configuration

Any questions left? Ask now: https://gist.github.com/AdamBien/f2487eefd36b718b4d3ee60064ab4e6e and get the answers at the next airhacks.tv.


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