KISS your WARs--Skipping the Superfluous

Both apache maven and Java EE heavily rely on (Convention over Configuration). Productive, straight-forward "Don't make me think" ThinWARs, fast builds and deployments, short pom.xml are a result of applying the built-in, sensible defaults.

Your WAR is KISS, if the maven artifactId and:
  1. project folder
  2. name in pom.xml (name is derived from artifactId, so remove it)
  3. WAR name
  4. finalName
  5. and so the JAX-RS URI
are identical.


  1. there are no nice-to-have runtime dependencies
  2. there are no maven plugins declared
  3. there is no pom inheritance
  4. the only provided dependencies are the Java EE / Jakarta EE and MicroProfile API


The resulting ThinWAR is KISS and YAGNI, without any Cargo Cult Programming involved.

A conventional ThinWAR project can be directly created with javaee8-essentials-archetype and deployed with

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what about database drivers? modding app server?

Posted by kret11 on February 11, 2019 at 04:05 PM CET #


1. JDBC-drivers never ship with the WAR, they are installed on the server.

2. Appserver configuration either happens on Jenkins, Docker or s2i.

3. However, domain-specific libraries like e.g. Apache POI can be included in the WAR (runtime dependency)

big thanks for your question!


Posted by Adam Bien on February 12, 2019 at 01:42 AM CET #

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