LightFish "JavaOne" Edition--New Features

The initial check-in of LightFish was performed during JavaOne 2011 GlassFish community day. Shortly after the initial creation, LightFish was extended with LightView--a Java FX real time monitoring client. One year later another release of LightFish is available, checked in again at JavaOne 2012:

  1. Monitoring of Commits per Seconds and Rollbacks per Seconds (you should not be proud of the latter :-)) [new feature]
  2. Application listing--applications with their components contents are listed. [new feature]
  3. Scripting: Different escalation channels can be declared and monitored on-the-fly. (Hint: right mouse click on a tab in the table)
  4. SSL support--a community contribution

Interesting for developers:

  1. Simplified build. Just: mvm clean install, no profiles necessary
  2. Native packaging: LightFish build creates a native, self-contained client

"It's full of stars"--thanks for starring the GitHub repo!


Will Lightfish work on JBoss AS 7?

Posted by Travis on October 12, 2012 at 09:35 AM CEST #

I heard your talk on stress testing at javaone where you showed Lightfish. Very interesting. Thanks.

As an addition to your aside on the merits of JavaFx over HTML5 (shorter development time), I listened to another talk where the speaker commented on the very high cpu usage of a live data graphing library in html5 on Firefox. Possibly another another advantage of fx?

Posted by Chris on October 17, 2012 at 05:38 PM CEST #

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