Links and Resources For My (Adam Bien) JavaOne Java EE / FX Sessions

The links and resources for my (Adam Bien) JavaOne 2013 in San Francisco:

Demystifying Java EE

  1. How To Deal With Transaction Isolation Levels?
  2. One Application Per Domain
  3. J2EE is Dead, Completely Dead
  4. Do We Need Stateless Session Bean Pooling?
  5. Can I Start Threads In EJBs?
  6. Dependency Injection …and there is no magic
  7. Data Access Object--Reader's Questions
  8. In Case Dozer Or BeanUtils Are Working Well You Have A Problem
  9. Unit Testing Java EE Applications
  10. Don't use JPA's RESOURCE_LOCAL on the server

Lean and Opinionated Java EE 7 Applications

  1. Java EE 7 Maven pom.xml
  2. Sample application build according to the ideas discusses in the session:
  3. WAR packaging
  4. Can Stateful Java EE 6 Apps Scale?
  5. Modules, Cycles, Unwanted Friends
  6. How evil are Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)?
  7. (JSF + JPA) - EJB = Bloat
  8. Generic CRUD Service aka DAO - EJB 3.1/0 Code - Only If You Really Needed
  9. ...And Finally, You Should Introduce A DAO If:
  10. DAOs Aren't Dead - But They Either Collapsed Or Disappeared
  11. Premature Encapsulation Is the Root Of All Evil

Architecting Enterprise JavaFX 8 Applications

  1. http//
  2. A collaborative editor based on afterburner.fx:
  3. The LightView UI was ported to afterburner.fx
  4. MVP, IoC, DI and WYSIWG …with JavaFX--Java Magazine Article
  5. Java FX Data Binding For Enterprise Applications--Java Magazine Article
  6. The Enterprise Side of JavaFX--A Java Magazine about LightFish

Unit Tests Don’t Break: Stress-Testing Java EE Applications

  2. LightFish Introduction
  3. A Java Magazine article about stress testing
  4. Dependency Injection Performance in Java EE 6: Dependent (easy) vs ApplicationScoped ("optimized")

…both books are covering the Java EE related sessions:

Thanks for attending my sessions and for the many questions and discussions during and between the sessions. In fact I got so many questions, that I had to strip the content a little bit.

You will find my (extensive :-)) slides here.

See also screencasts at: or subscribe to

See you at Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport!


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