Loadr CLI For Payara / GF Released

Loadr CLI version 0.0.1 was released.

Loadr CLI comes as a single jar without any additional dependencies and allows convenient deployment and undeployment of Java EE applications.

java -jar loadr.jar -d http://localhost:4848 ../test-deployment/coffeebeans.war


coffeebeans -> "http://localhost:4848/management/domain/applications/application/coffeebeans"
To undeploy use: java -jar loadr.jar -u http://localhost:4848 coffeebeans

See full reference at github.com/AdamBien/loadr.

Loadr v0.0.1 was tested with Payara 4.1.153 (Full Java EE), but should also work with various GlassFish versions.

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This looks interesting, Adam, but I wish you would write a bit about it. I've never tried to deploy a Java EE application from the command line, but is it traditionally difficult to do? What difficulties does Loadr resolve?

Posted by David on September 25, 2015 at 12:50 AM CEST #

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