Looking Forward To JavaPolis aka Devoxx and speaking about: EJB 3.1 - From Legacy To Secret Weapon

I'm already looking forward to the Devoxx conference. I will give a talk about pragmatic EJB 3 hacking, with the title: "EJB 3.1 From Legacy Technology To Secret Weapon". The first half is based on the JavaWorld's article with the same title, during the second part I would like to share with you some best practices, patterns and ideas from my projects. I plan to hack some stuff interactively as well. Unfortunately, I will spend only one day on this conference - just too many EJB 3 / Java EE projects - it seems to take off right now :-). But if you have some questions, want to discuss some stuff, we can meet just before, or after my session.


For simplifying usage of named query...

Posted by Fred Simon on December 12, 2008 at 01:32 PM CET #

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