Mappers, Microservices, Native vs. JVM, Serverless AWS Lambda, Tautological Tests, Micronaut, Quarkus, Reactive Programming, Loom-or Topics for 97th live streaming show

Questions and topics ( for the 97th, streamed live on

  1. A fine way to start building an API with Java
  2. Use cases for mappers like Dozer
  3. Pros and cons for JWT as session data container
  4. Considerations for building microservices with Java / WildFly and Docker
  5. Thoughts on "Tautological Tests"
  6. "Codeless" logging with CDI
  7. Best practices for API design for REST with JAX-RS
  8. The return of Jakarta EE
  9. Collection of plain vanilla WebComponents
  10. Stock Java, RESTEasy, RESTEasy Reactive, Reactive Routes vs Loom
  11. Corretto vs. GraalVM: Quarkus as Lambda on AWS
  12. Micronaut vs. Quarkus: the concepts
  13. Authentication and authorization with JWT
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