Maven Ivory Towers, Configuration And Java EE Productivity--Or A Day At Devoxx 2012

I had the opportunity to give the very last talk Real World Java EE at devoxx 2012 conference. It seems like Java EE is still going strong--AttendeesOverflowException was about to happen. Also more than 50% of the attendees already used Java EE 6 (I asked) about 25% Java EE 5 and a few, poor developers had still to work with the ancient J2EE :-).

1h turned to be way too short and I covered only about 70% of the intended stuff. Also I tried to answer as many questions during the talk as only possible.

Right after the session I got a nice feedback:

"We liked your session, it was less polished than from the other speakers."
I take such a feedback seriously--and will try to improve my upcoming talks even further in the suggested direction :-).

Thanks for the many questions and interactions during and after the talk--I really enjoyed it. The extensive slide deck and the sample "slide generator" project I used to explain the "real world" are checked in.

My general impression about Devoxx is really good. The conference is well organized and I met friends from old projects all over the place. I also attended two talks (Java FX and Annotations for JDK 1.8)--both were very good as well. Big thanks to the organizers for the great conference!

See you at Java EE Workshops at MUC Airport (March 25th-28th)!


Hi Adam, great and very witty talk you had there!
I've been following your blog for quite some time now, and we finally met in person (I was there in the auditorium in the upper right corner, remember?) :-D

Keep fighting for simple and lazy solutions!

Posted by Michal on November 24, 2012 at 01:55 PM CET #

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