MicroProfile on Quarkus on AWS Lambda on Java / JVM (Amazon Corretto): ARM vs. Intel

To compare the cold- and warmstart performance of an AWS Lambda on ARM_64 (Graviton) to X86_64 (Intel), the MicroProfile with Quarkus as AWS Lambda quickstarter was used to deploy two identical lambdas deployed on Intel and Graviton on Java 11 (Amazon Corretto 11) on a fraction of vCPU (approx. 0.25) behind a Amazon HTTP API Gateway:

public class CDKStack extends Stack {

    static String FUNCTION_BASE_NAME  = "airhacks_Greetings";
    static String lambdaHandler = "io.quarkus.amazon.lambda.runtime.QuarkusStreamHandler::handleRequest";
    static int memory = 512;

    public CDKStack(Construct scope, String id, boolean httpAPIGatewayIntegration) {
        super(scope, id);
        var functionName = FUNCTION_BASE_NAME + "Intel";
        var intelFunction = createFunction(functionName, lambdaHandler, Architecture.X86_64,memory,"hello, intel");

        functionName = FUNCTION_BASE_NAME + "ARM";
        var armFunction = createFunction(functionName, lambdaHandler, Architecture.ARM_64, memory,"hello, graviton");

    void integrateWithHTTPApiGateway(String functionName,Function function){
        var lambdaIntegration = HttpLambdaIntegration.Builder.create(functionName+"HttpApiIntegration",function).build();
        var httpApiGateway =  HttpApi.Builder.create(this, functionName+"HttpApiIntegration").defaultIntegration(lambdaIntegration).build();
        CfnOutput.Builder.create(this, functionName+"HttpApiIntegrationOutput").value(httpApiGateway.getUrl()+"hello").build();


    Function createFunction(String functionName,String functionHandler, Architecture architecture,int memory,String message) {
        var configuration = Map.of("message",message);
        return Function.Builder.create(this, functionName)

The ARM configuration is a bit faster and costs less:

The MicroProfile on Quarkus as AWS Lambda quickstarter is available from github.com/AdamBien/aws-quarkus-lambda-cdk-plain.


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