MicroProfile: Past, Present and Future - airhacks.fm Podcast

An airhacks.fm conversation with @emilyfhjiang about reducing the footprint with OpenLiberty, OSGi, Apache Aries Apache Aries, the beginnings of MicroProfile.io, OpenLiberty MicroProfile implementation, writing MicroProfile specs, combining Java EE 8 and MicroProfile.io, the added value of Fault Tolerance, Health, Metrics, Configuration, the process of introducing new APIs to MicroProfile, MicroProfile at GitHub, Java EE Concurrency Utilities and MicroProfile, OpenLiberty Guides, commercial support for OpenLiberty and MicroProfile by IBM, Reactive Microprofile, the relation between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, MicroProfile standardisation.

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See you at MicroProfile With or Without Jakarta EE, at Munich Airport, Terminal 2.


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