MicroProfile Runtimes Overview

HollowJARs and UeberJARs / FatJARs deployments are possible. Commercial (but fully optional) support is available.
Services are deployed as HollowJARs and custom strategies (via main method). GraalVM integration is available. Sponsored by Oracle.
Supports SkimmedJARs (executable FatJARs with strictly separated infrastructure) and comes with GraalVM integration. Sponsored by RedHat.
Services can be deployed as Uberjars / FatJARs or as HollowJARs. Sponsored by RedHat. Eventually might by replaced by quarkus.
Services are shipping as executable JARs (FatJARs). Sponsored by John Amment :-)
Fujitsu Launcher
Services ship as ThinWARs, HollowJARs or FatJARs / UeberJARs. Sponsored by Fujitsu.
Ships with core MicroProfile specs (JAX-RS, CDI, JSON-P, JSON-B). Additional MicroProfile APIs can be integrated. HollowJAR and custom deployment strategies are available (via main method).
Full stack Jakarta EE server with MicroProfile support. ThinWAR and UeberJARs / FatJARs are supported. Sponsored by IBM. Commmercial support is available.
Payara Server and Payara Micro
Full stack Jakarta EE application server with MicroProfile support. ThinWAR and HolloJAR deployments are possible. Commercial support is available
Jakarta EE server with partial MicroProfile support. Additional MicroProfile APIs are available via project smallrye WildFly is sponsored by RedHat. Commercial support is available from RedHat.
Fullstack Jakarta EE and MicroProfile server. An Apache project. Services are deployable as ThinWARs and FatJars. Commercial support is available.

See: "What are: ThinWARs, HollowJARs, SkimmedJARs, FatJARs, UeberJARs, FatWARs and Executable Images?" for the overview of different deployment models.

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