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An podcast conversation with Bruno Borges about: staring the a Java career, Outbound Product Management at Oracle, Java EE Evangelism at Oracle, Oracle at Docker, JSPs as template, to young for JDK 1.0 :-), Brazil and Java, why Java is so popular in Brazil?, the idea for opensourcing Java, special thanks to Bruno Souza, Microsoft like Sun Microsystems, Microsoft as Java advocate, Azure, Jenkins on Azure, clouds, opensource technologies and vendor lock in, why trust rules, Microsoft joins Jakarta EE, Jakarta EE has to be successful on Azure, shipping WARs as productivce Function as a Service (FaaS), normalizing Jakarta EE for serverless environments, MicroProfile and serverless, boring Java EE, what is lacking in Java EE, Java EE marketing problems, Jakarta EE + MicroProfile and magic happens, no-bandwidth deployments with Jakarta EE, saving money with Jakarta EE in the clouds, Docker and Jakarta EE, Docker layering and inheritance, Maven Build with Docker Build under 3 secs, as foundation for docker images, use cases for FatJars and UeberJars are hard to find, Docker images as ultimate EARs, no dependencies, no plugins with Java EE, deleting stuff as a service, having a zero-dependency mindset, simple systems will become complex, postponing complexity by deleting stuff, the beauty of Java EE platform, Bruno's next mission at Microsoft, Azure Java Functions, Azure App Service, Jakarta EE runtimes at Azure Cloud, Microsoft TomEE, OpenLiberty, Payara at Azure evaluations, pushing MicroProfile applications to Azure Cloud, MicroProfile Configuration Provider for Azure, Bruno can be contacted via: (please no spam), Bruno at LinkedIn and twitter: @brunoborges

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