My JavaOne Sessions - And Interactive Java EE 6 Hacking Without Slides

I will give the following JavaOne presentations:

  1. Tuesday: 9:30AM
    Creating Lightweight Applications with Nothing but Vanilla Java EE 6
    Stream(s): JAVAONE
    Track(s): Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies, The Java Frontier
    Convention over configuration and dependency injection drastically simplify the Java EE 6 model. This session, for Java developers and architects, will cover an ap[...]

    I will present ideas and approaches from my real world Java EE 6 projects and especially: the death of interfaces, DAOs, extensive layering and the majority of ancient J2EE patterns

    S313248[CS]Hilton San Francisco/Yosemite B

  2. Tuesday: 1:00PM
    Hacking Heating Systems with Java EE 6, JavaFX, and Scripting
    Stream(s): JAVAONE
    Track(s): Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies, JavaFX and Rich User Experience
    Common house heating systems are not very intelligent. But Java EE 6 can change that. With a few tweaks and hacks, energy saving of 30% to 50% are possible. This s[...]

    I'm working as a consultant - and have to sign tons of NDAs. Instead of showing client's code, I will delve into the implementation of GreenFire - one of my pet projects. It was recently migrated from JavaEE 5 to Java EE 6. GreenFire is surprisingly "real world" - it containts: timers, RESTful services, scripting (Groovy), singletons, EJB/CDI dependecny injection and legacy code (heating drivers). It is also mission critical (we have cold winters in bavaria :-))
    GreenFire also saves a considerable amount of energy. So: "Hacking Java EE 6 Is Good For The Environment"

    S314243[CS]Hilton San Francisco/Golden Gate 2

  3. Wednesday: 10:00AM
    Java EE 6 Panel: What Do We Do Now?
    Stream(s): JAVAONE
    Track(s): Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
    The final Java EE 6 specification (released in December 2009) is the beginning of something, but what that is depends on who you are in the ecosystem. This panel brin[...]

    This one will be interesting: SAP, IBM, JBoss, Apache, Oracle ...and me will try to answer the simple question: "How and when will Java EE 6 impact your life as a developer?"

    S313278[PAN]Hilton San Francisco/Continental Parlor 1/2/3

  4. Wednesday: 4:45PM
    The Feel of Java EE 6: Interactive Onstage Hacking
    Stream(s): JAVAONE
    Track(s): Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies
    Addressing the JSF 2 UI, EJB 3.1, REST, CDI, and JPA 2 with unit tests in one hour (from scratch and without wizards, templates, or code generation) is quite a handfu[...]

    I'm especially looking forward to this session - there are only 3 slides - I will probably spend less than 3 minutes with slides and the remaining time in the IDE. I intend to build a small application (Schedule Builder :-)) with CDI, Bean Validation, EJB 3.1, JUnit+Mocks, JPA 2, Bean Validation and JSF. I will intentionally not use any wizards, templates or code snippets. This session will be very agile - so prepare some questions / requirements.

    S319369[CS]Hilton San Francisco/Golden Gate 6/7

Don't hesitate to ask me during, before or after the presentations about Java (SE/EE/FX), architecture, this blog and software related stuff (JavaOne time is too precious to discuss anything else :-)). Breakfast and lunch are also perfect opportunity to chat about Java.


Will there be any recordings? I'd especially like to learn more about GreenFire. (I've downloaded already some time ago but that's where it ended so far.)

Best regards, Jakub

Posted by Jakub Holy on September 13, 2010 at 04:00 PM CEST #


I don't have any Idea about recordings - some sessions gets usually recorded. Btw. GreenFire is based on "legacy" Java EE 5 :-). GreenFire 2.0 prototype is already running on Java EE 6. More functionality - with 50% less code!



Posted by on September 13, 2010 at 05:40 PM CEST #

There are way to few demo projects for JEE6. So Greenfire 2.0 sounds promising. Have you published or will you publish the source?

Best regards, Ingo

Posted by Ingo on September 16, 2010 at 10:00 PM CEST #


I "forked" GreenFire 2.0 (I wanted to get rid off subversion) but will re-opensource it :-).

But - I will also opensource an even more interesting project before that - stay tuned.

thanks for your interests,


Posted by on September 17, 2010 at 12:54 AM CEST #

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