Netbeans 5.5 with Visual WebPack and Glassfish v2 - first impression

Until now I used Netbeans 6.0 and Eclipse 3.2 (both plain - without any plugins) for the Java EE development. I was curious what is going on in the Netbeans 5.X space and installed NB 5.5 with the visual web pack. I also upgraded glassfish to v2 (latest). I added my Glassfish v2 installation to NB 5.5 - I was able to deploy the first JSF, EJB3 application in about 5 minutes. I will use the Visual Pack with NB at least for the development of Web-UI for my heating control (ParaControl) application (sample app for my book and controls also the heating management of the paradigma system in real world) and next trainings. The only disadvantage: the JSF-Beans extend a AbstractRequestBean (from com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase). It's o.k. for my leisure, but in real world I would prefer to be vendor neutral. The visual representation of the JSF-navigation is also nice.


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