Netbeans 6.0b1 with Glassfish v2 FCS - and still no smoke

I also migrated several projects from Glassfish "daily builds" to Glassfish v2 FCS. I added Glassfish to Netbeans 6b1 - it worked without any problems. The startup time of glassfish inside Netbeans is about 8 seconds - the shutdown process takes a little bit longer.
My Glassfish's favourites:

  1. CallFlow - you can visualize the invocation hierarchy of all EJBs (with visualization)
  2. asupgrade.bat - A small swing app, which can be used to migrate the old configuration to a new one.
  3. And of course different ways to configuration: asadmin.bat, the visual admin console and the xml files.
  4. The ability to configure even the JVM options inside the admin console...
  5. Very good netbeans integration (I didn't tried the Eclipse plugin yet).
However I missed some functionality in Netbeans 6.0, which was available in 5.5.1.
  1. Create JSF from Entities - this one was/is awesome. It generates a simple webapp from existing JPA-entities.
  2. The generation of JMS-Skeletons (sending a message) isn't complete. I missed the actual creation of the javax.jms.Message (a two-liner).
Today I tried the collaboration module as well. It can be used to chat and share java-files. It can be installed from the plugin-menue. Just search for "collaboration". The installation takes <30 seconds. My id is: abien :-)


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