NetBeans 6.8 RC1 - Useful Improvements, New REST Wizard, @Inject available

 First day with NetBeans 6.8 RC 1 and:

  1. The maven project icons are dependent on the maven project type - EJB, EAR, WAR, JAR etc. This helps you to recognize the type already in the "Projects" tab.
  2. New REST wizard: asks you whether you would like to provide your own Application subclass, generate one (default), or enhance the web.xml (the old Java EE 5 way). The REST-Jars, however, are still copied to GF v3, what is actually not needed. You can safely exclude it from the packaging. Then the WAR with EJBs + REST will be rather small (8 kB in my case).
  3. The performance / responsiveness are good - slightly better, than NetBeans 6.8 beta
  4. and the new splash screen looks nice :-)


Hi Adam,

I also like the new release candidate, however there's one very important feature *imo* which isn't working. Deploy on Save for maven built java EE projects.
See this bug
and please vote for it!!!


Posted by Daniel on December 03, 2009 at 12:41 AM CET #

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