Netbeans m9 is out - otherwise I would have some trouble in my JavaONE Session :-)

I just  opened some examples from the JavaEE 5 Architekturen book in Netbeans M9 - it works no surprises.
Netbeans comes with really interesting extensions to Matisse - the Netbeans UI builder. Especially interesting are:

  • The good integration of BeansBinding (JSR-295). The opportunity to bind a JavaBean (e.g. a JPA domain object) to the UI
  • Integration with JSR-296 (Swing Dev Appframework). It simplifies the creation of small and midrange applications. Especially asynchronous, declarative Actions are cool
  • Interesting Matisse enhancements. Especially the factoring-out of UI components into panel is usable. Also the positioning of UI-widgets was really improved.
  • Better JNLP (WebStart) integration
  • Better support for JPA in unmanaged environments
  • Very good JRuby and Rails support. The editor knows Ruby syntax (and highlights it) and is able to auto-complete methods etc, as well as is able to display the Ruby-Doc
What I especially like: the size of the distribution. The smallest profile comes with 21 MB....
On my slides for the Session TS-3559 (Fiday, 13.30)  I already mentioned  these features - and hoped they will be officially released at the JavaONE :-).


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