oom killer terminated my appservers, hsqldb and javadb

My yesterday entry "After one year Eclipse's abstinence, I had to close netbeans and use eclipse :-)" caused too much traffic and overtaxed my jboss server.Because of the high memory consumption the oom-killer terminated not only jboss, but also glassfish v2, james and my databases. Today morning the server was idle and had lot of free ram :-).
Sorry for the downtime - but I also learned something new.
Now I'm really motivated to speed-up the migration of the remaining applications from jboss to glassfish :-). The main reason for the migration from jboss to glassfish was the command-line interface as well as the great JSF based admin GUI and built-in monitoring (with graphical output...) capabilities. I'm curious whether Glassfish will be also killed by oom, or could handle the same load. But I have to wait one year to find this out...


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