Oracle Data Sheet About ...Glassfish

"...Oracle GlassFish Server is part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware application grid portfolio and is ideally suited for applications requiring lightweight infrastructure with the most up-to-date implementation of enterprise Java, Java EE 6, and Java Web services. Oracle GlassFish Server complements Oracle WebLogic Server, which is designed to run the broader portfolio of Oracle Fusion Middleware and large-scale enterprise applications..." Read the whole paper.


Ok, that's fine, just hope Oracle keeps GlassFish lean and mean by not adding any Fusion stuff to it. But, associating the Fusion name to GlassFish will be damaging - already seeing resistance from concerned users. Anyway, will start using JBoss, as well, to play it safe.

GlassFish is simply awesome, disruptive to other open and heavy commercial JEE servers.

Adam, really appreciate your voice in the community promoting JEE 6 as a premier infrastructure! Looks like the Spring FUD campaign is finally fading away...

Posted by George de la Torre on February 28, 2010 at 03:29 PM CET #


Good news about Glassfish - but I don't suppose you've found out anything about Glassfish *ESB* v3? It all seems very quiet at the Fuji project...


Posted by Ghee on March 01, 2010 at 03:22 PM CET #

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