Persistent Collections, FDK, Serverless, EE4j, Kubernetes, Opensource -- or JavaONE 2017 Keynote

JavaONE keynote announcements / news:

  • Intel announced the availability of Persistent Collections for Java - datastructures persisted in non-volatile memory (=specific hardware).
  • Intel introduces Vector API Developer Program. Java gets new APIs for faster Vector operations without involving the JNI.
  • Everything Java EE related is going to be opensourced. Code name: EE4J. Full name: Eclipse Enterprise for Java @EclipseEE4J
  • Oracle invests (=manpower) in kubernetes / Java integration
  • A container native, serverless platform: fnProject was opensourced on stage: fn Project
  • Fn Java Functions Developer Kit (FDK) was announced: FDK
  • Java is going to be released every 6 months ("release train"). Next release is 18.3 (March, 2018)
  • Release 18.3 will contain the Local-Variable Type Inference (var list = new ArrayList<String&bt;()) Project Amber is the language feature incubator project.
  • Oracle Java is going to be completely opensourced. There will be no differences between openJDK and Oracle JDK.

It was one of the best and most interesting JavaONE keynotes. Even the sponsor slot (Intel) was funny and came with developer-relevant information.

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