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An conversation with Ondrej Mihályi about:

starting programming with Logo, Pascal, C, Pentium 386, Scratch, minecraft, delphi and Java, pointers and destructors, participating in programming competitions, learning programming with Java, GWT, JSF and Primefaces over GWT, Eclipse, NetBeans, Java EE 5 introduced Dependency Injection (DI), Nitra is the oldest City in Slovakia, "Enterprise needs to be complicated", code generation with xdoclet in J2EE, simplifications with Java EE 5 in 2006, starting at Payara, running a JUG in Prague, Sun Grid Engine, serverless WARs, ideas for productive Clouds 2.0, serverless Java EE applications, early clouds with Google App Engine, Docker and Kubernetes for application packaging, making cloud services injectable, AWS lambdas are distributed commands, improving developer experience in the clouds with DI instead of singletons, Payara Source To Image (S2I) for server configuration in the clouds, separating the immutable servers from application logic with docker and clouds, cloud vendors are evaluating microprofile, repeatable and reproducible builds with Java EE in private clouds, Java EE deployment model became accidentally "cloud ready", with ThinWARs there is nothing to (security) scan, with ThinWARs there is no conceptual difference to lambda functions, cloud vendors participation in Jakarta EE, GraalVM and native compilation. Ondro's blog and @OndroMih / twitter.

See you at Web, MicroProfile and Java EE Workshops at Munich Airport, Terminal 2 or Virtual Dedicated Workshops / consulting. Is Munich's airport too far? Learn from home:


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