Proposed schedule for JDK 9

2015-12-10  Feature Complete
2016-02-04  All Tests Run
2016-02-25  Rampdown Start
2016-04-21  Zero Bug Bounce
2016-06-16  Rampdown Phase 2
2016-07-21  Final Release Candidate
2016-09-22  General Availability

See origin mail.


Thanks, Adam. BTW, do you have some inside knowledge on the status of Jigsaw? I'm confused by , as JEP 200 and JSR 376 aren't there, but 201 and 220 are ( ). Was that just an oversight? None of the blogs seemed to have any clear info on this, either.

Posted by Ari Meyer on May 12, 2015 at 02:26 AM CEST #

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