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An airhacks.fm conversation with Stuart Douglas (@stuartwdouglas) about:

starting with Visual Basic in high school, with the goal to build games, then quick transition to C++, creating Tetris from scratch in weeks in C++, building first commercial financial planning application with PHP, starting with Java 1.5 and annotations in 2007, Java is popular in Australia, building Seam applications with JBoss 4, contributing to Weld in spare time, improving the performance and startup performance of Weld, working for RedHat as JBoss AS 7 developer, JBoss is more than the application server and the advent of Wildfly, the braning clean up, creating Undertow, WildFly was shipped with deactivated EJB pooling, too small EJB pools can cause performance issues, how to kill EJBs with CDI, EJB vs. CDI, interview with Pavel Samolysov and EJB vs. CDI performance comparison, quarkus is not using reflection for injection, a small team (8 people) started quarkus to leverage GraalVM, the goal of quarkus is to make a subset of Java EE natively compilable to an "unikernel", updating the cloud platform without recompiling the app, serverless with quarkus, serverless without the function disadvantage, 20MB self contained, native images, building Java EE / Jakarta EE unikernels, extremely fast start times for Java EE applications, native images are running with a fraction of RAM, at one point in time, quarkus might be commercially supported by RedHat, CDI portable extensions are not supported now, quarkus wizard is not based on Maven archetype - what is a great idea, Maven is only one of many possible entry points to quarkus, a really good developer experience was always the main goal, hot reload is a must, currently the classloader with the "business" part is just dropped and the app is reloaded, adding dependencies via CLI or pom.xml, quarkus ThinJARs are compatible with the ThinWAR idea, FatJAR's builds have to be slower, packaging all dependencies into a single JAR, using Chrome Dev Tools Protocols for hot reloading the browser, misusing quarkus for building command line tools, community extensions are on the roadmap, quarkus is going to be well integrated with OpenShift, quarkus forum.
Stuart on twitter: (@stuartwdouglas), and github.

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