Resin - Is Java EE 6 WebProfile Certified

Caucho's Resin is Java EE 6 WebProfile certified. I already smoke-tested resin before the certification - it worked well. Resin comes with own CDI (JSR-330) implementation "CanDI". Parts of the server are even implemented with CanDI itself...
Resin is opensource and free, but you can buy support as well.


Have you tried running your x-ray project on Resin? Might be interesting to see how portable an app targeting Web Profile is likely to be.

Posted by Tim M. on May 27, 2011 at 02:34 AM CEST #


Just to be clear, we still consider 4.0.18 a "beta" good for Java EE 6 evaluators and early adopters. Resin 4.1 is the release we consider to be ready for prime-time and ready to kick some serious a$$ (Spring + Tomcat a$$ in particular).

We'll publicize that release -- trust us :-).


P.S.: Adam, thanks a lot for the mention :-).

Posted by Reza Rahman on May 28, 2011 at 07:12 AM CEST #

Hi Adam,

It's nice to see that Resin is (nearly) there, but it only implements the Web Profile. That may be good enough for 60% (maybe 80%?) of the Java EE apps out there, but it's still not a full EE6 spec impl. My group definitely needs async support and want the new Timer Service, and we'd have to go outside for the Web Profile to get them.

I really wonder if it's still premature for you to have so many posts (and your new book) based on Java EE 6. Obviously there are many other books on EE6 already out there, but what percentage of Java EE shops can make use of them? Not one of the Big 3 (Oracle/IBM/JBoss) has put out a production release fully implementing the *complete* EE 6 spec. (I know Oracle has GlassFish as the RI, but most large Oracle shops, like my main client, are tied to WebLogic/OAS.) The pace of the Big 3 seems just glacial (though I'm sure they have their justifications). At least IBM put out a beta last year, and JBoss apparently has implemented the Web Profile, but WebLogic is lagging behind (they've put out bits and pieces lately).

Even when they release the EE6 impls, we have to wait until other dependent products are certified to run on them. For my team, assuming Oracle delivers sometime this year (as they stated), this means we won't be able to deploy EE6 apps till late 2012, at best. I'm sure a good deal of your audience are in the same boat.

Given this situation, maybe you could focus your posts on the GCD of EE5? You could even split your blog in 2 between EE5/6! ;-)

BTW, this article was really great: The strange thing was, though, that you marked it as for "Java EE 6", but I didn't see anything in there that couldn't work under EE5 -- did I miss something?

Thanks again!

Posted by Ari Meyer on June 29, 2011 at 01:24 PM CEST #

WebLogic finally joins the party! Full Java EE 6 spec impl:

Posted by Ari Meyer on December 15, 2011 at 12:45 PM CET #

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