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An conversation with Sebastian Daschner (@DaschnerS) about:

being chief Enterprise Service Bus Officer at IBM (not true), Lead Java Advocate for Java at IBM (now true), Sebastian still likes Java EE, the definition of Serverless, there is no need for functions in serverless computing, a reference to episode with Bruno Borges "Jakarta EE / MicroProfile in the Clouds: Runtimes not Servers", the difference between servers and runtimes, focussing on ThinwWARs is serverless, immutable infrastructures with immutable layers, pushing 50 times a day a ThinWAR to the cloud, Payara Configured as example for intermediary layers, Payara s2i, misusing Docker Registry as "FTP", ThinWAR upload triggers a hook and rebuilds a server, ultra productive Java EE, servers do not matter, using FaaS to trigger server re-configuration, functions are too fine grained for the implementation of stock applications, implement the added value of clouds by injecting cloud services, cloud bootstrap / initialization code looks like from 1945, externalizing cloud libraries to immutable images, added value of istio at openshift, cross cutting concerns with Istio, canary releases, routes and observability, istio adds additional configuration overhead, istio adds technical features on top of openshift, a possible killer features of istio, monitoring database traffic with istio, Istio as "feel good factor", some technical dashboards are as usable as lava lamps, monitoring external services, artificially slowing down connections in tests, MQS, hello worlds with Kafka are great, two lines to send a JMS events and one annotation to receive a message, Kafka is great as managed service, the next killer feature of MQS, killer runtimes with microprofile and Java EE, you can find us at and this blog is not usable as source for articles

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