SimpleDateFormat, Java and Taligent Object-Oriented Operating System

The source of the class SimpleDateFormat comes with unusual copyright information:

(C) Copyright Taligent, Inc. 1996 - All Rights Reserved
(C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1996-1998 - All Rights Reserved

According to Wikipedia, Taligent " the name of an object-oriented operating system, and the company that was dedicated to producing it."

After the efforts to build an object-oriented operating system failed, in 1995 Taligent became part of IBM and:

"...Taligent also created a set of Java- and JavaBeans-based development tools called WebRunner, a groupware product based on Lotus Notes called Places for Project Teams, and licensed various technologies to Sun which are today part of Java, as well as to Oracle Corporation and Netscape..."

Therefore: Java has also its roots in an object-oriented OS.

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