Simplest Possible REST Endpoint

The following GET-request:


invokes the method whatever:


public class MessageResource {
    public String whatever() {
        return "hey, duke!";

from a WAR with th name hello-rest and configured application path:


public class JAXRSConfiguration extends Application {}

You only need a single dependency to compile the sample:


  1. No further configuration is required
  2. No XML is involved (web.xml is not needed)
  3. The size of the hello-rest.war is 3.2 kB
  4. Deployment takes milliseconds
Optional speedup: Java EE 7 essential archetype would create an empty maven project for you.

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Hi Adam,

I am trying to develop a simple rest application using Java-EE 7 api with tomcat server and when I am executing the application, if I invoke the REST Url, it is throwing 404 error. I am not sure about whether will it work with Tomcat. I tried googling before asking here. Most of the examples are given using jersey or RESTeasy. Can you please help me to resolve the issue?.


Posted by Raghav on July 05, 2018 at 04:06 PM CEST #

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