Software Developer's Journal -- The Java Edition Is Out

Adam Bien: When SDJ started? What is the history of SDJ?

SDJ: Dear Adam, Software Developer’s Journal is an online magazine for software developers and programmers and it’s been published since 2005. Our magazine is useful for everyone interested in programming - both professionals and hobbyists. Each released number of the SDJ Magazine is usually dedicated to a certain theme. We publish 4 numbers monthly. You will find top trends and techniques used in programming in it. During this period we have occupied a strong market position and have gained prestige, both among developers, as well as companies widely known in IT business.

Adam Bien: What makes SDJ different?

SDJ: Our credo is to share the knowledge with professional software developers. We create Software Developer’s Journal with developers for developers. We believe that our readers need to be informed with every aspect of the subject. Also we are very dedicated to our readers and hereby we are trying to bring important and up-to-date news from IT development field. The type of articles we publish is quite technical. Our magazine is focused mostly on professionals and made by ones. Via our magazine specialists can use their expertise and express it their articles. We release our magazine four times per month, each time with a different theme covering newest information from developers all around the world. Moreover, we reach every corner of the globe with our magazine, so everyone can join our community.

Adam Bien: Is SDJ free, subscription or both? Is it a print or online magazine? Which devices are you supporting?

SDJ: Both. We have two free versions of our magazine. First one is a teaser and second is Software Developer’s Journal Open which you can download after free registration. Free subscription features are issued once in a month, each containing about 50 pages and annual subscription features are issued 48 times in a year, each having about 200 pages of content. Regarding the annual subscription we have many options. Individual, IT Pack, Workgroup and Corporate which can be subscribed for one year, but also we have trial versions for shorter periods for undecided ones. In order to facilitate connection with our readers and to extend our influence, in 2010 we changed the formula of the magazine and now we are an on-line magazine. But we are still publishing our magazine in a printed version for our most regular readers. We are available practically on every device that supports the PDF format.

Adam Bien: You are dedicating a whole issue to Java. Why?

SDJ: As everyone from IT community knows, Java is a very broad subject. That’s why it is necessary to do such procedure. While using a variety of thematically distinct articles, we always want to cover as broad area in every topic as possible! We know that it is not always possible but with our qualified team we try as much as much as we can to make it real. So if someone wants to share his/her knowledge with others and join our community, he/she is very welcome. We reach the people who treat their jobs with passion because we treat the work in the Software Developer’s Journal as a great challenge but also a commitment to our readers.

Adam Bien: Which areas of Java (e.g. SE, EE, ME, FX) will SDJ cover?

SDJ: Like I’ve said before we want to cover as broad area in this topic as possible. I think it won’t be a crime if I reveal some article’s information. For example, Bharath Raj Keshavamurthy, IBM IT Specialist, will tell us something about memory leaks during Java Data Objects Performance and how to avoid them. Deepak Vohra from Sun Microsystems, a Certified Java Programmer, will present JVM’s tasks base build and test tool Gradle. Also we will have some info about J2EE Development, NodleJS and many, many more articles for our subscribers to read.

Adam Bien: What is the amount of Java content in an average SDJ issue?

SDJ: It depends. It is difficult to cover every problem. In this case we try at least to fill the magazine with articles concerning our readers, most of which are the owners of the companies, IT professionals or programmers seeking for latest solutions. Regarding to that solution, we seek for articles which cover the latest solutions as well as proven techniques tested in practice by companies and big corporations. We put a stress on the key question ‘how’, so all the theoretical issues are illustrated with clear, practical examples and completed projects.

Adam Bien: Can you give readers of this blog a discount? :-)

SDJ: Yes, we can! Each of you, who decide to subscribe to our magazine with this code (PP30PT), will get a 30% discount for a purchase of our subscription! Also, Pre-order our upcoming number about Java with 20% discount using this code (KR20). I would like to invite you to join our community!

Adam Bien: What is the easiest way to get an issue?

SDJ: Just visit our webpage on You only need to register to download SDJ Open or teasers for free.

Adam Bien: Thank you for the interview!


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