Spring / Summer Java and Web Conferences, Workshops and Shows

  1. airhacks.live workshop: Best Practices, Hacks and Frontend Patterns with Vanilla Web Components [online event]
    web apps best practices airhacks.live virtual workshop 15 Apr 2021
  2. Tech Flow Europe: It's 2021: ...and you are still using JavaScript frameworks? [online event]
    online session 16 Apr 2021
  3. airhacks.tv Q&A: 86th airhacks.tv [online event]
    live streaming Q & A show 3 May 2021
  4. airhacks.live workshop: Building Mobile Apps with Vanilla Web Components, redux and lit-html [online event]
    mobile apps best practices airhacks.live virtual workshop 6 May 2021
  5. Monitoring and Observability Day: Wie überlebt man in den Wolken? Survival-Training mit Monitoring, Observability und Metriken (#slideless) [online event]
    online session 18 May 2021
  6. Java Day Istanbul: Web Components Are Made For YOU [online event]
    online session 28 May 2021
  7. airhacks.live workshop: Building Java Applications on AWS [online event]
    building Java apps on AWS: airhacks.live virtual workshop 8 Jul 2021

Also checkout: meetup.com/airhacks/ and airhacks.eventbrite.com/


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