SSE, Interactive Code Review, Fluid Calculations, Modern UI with Java, ThreadPools and Paths, JDBC Health, EclipseLink vs. Hibernate -- or Topics for the 55th

The topics and questions for the 55th

  1. Maven and Docker
  2. How to close provided InputStream
  3. @RequestScoped and EJBs
  4. Externalizing calculations
  5. Added value of DeltaSpike in CRUD
  6. Partial updates without patch
  7. How to stress test a Java EE application
  8. Are servlets dead?
  9. JAX-RS and MVC in the same project
  10. Future of MVC
  11. Better, faster or more modern: Servlets, JSP, JSF or Vaadin?
  12. JMS and JPA concurrency
  13. EclipseLink or Hibernate
  14. Java EE opimizations with JDBC
  15. The scalability of a @Singleton
  16. Thoughts on Java 9, 10
  17. Managing configuration with MicroProfile config
  18. Attaching ThreadPools to context paths or EJB (bulkheads)
  19. Checking JDBC connection pool status
  20. Managing DDLs and databases
  21. Java EE and Jigsaw
  22. How to test: an interactive code review
  23. JAX-RS 2.1, SSE and how to deal with reliability

Ask questions during the show via twitter mentioning me: (@AdamBien) or using the hashtag: #airhacks. You can join the Q&A session live each first Monday of month, 6 P.M at or

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