2017 Free Summer Java Events, Workshops and Sessions

  1. Free: Oracle Code Brussels, 6th June, 9 AM, Enterprise java.net: A Slideless Keynote
  2. Devoxx Krakow, 21th June, Session: "Build To Last: From Frontend To Backend #slideless #talk"
  3. 27th-29th June, airhacks.com: Java EE 7 (and a bit 8) Bootstrap (very few seats available), Effective (very few seats available) and Java EE CI, CD (Jenkins 2 Pipelines), Testing and Quality Workshops at Munich's Airport, Terminal 2. workshops.adam-bien.com
  4. Free: July 18th, Munich (location TBD), evening event: "Pragmatic Architectures With Microservices" follow up meeting in Munich. This time #slideless (one slide recap).

...or see you at airhacks.io or airhacks.tv.


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