The glassfish/netbeans difference

I'm using glassfish together with netbeans 6m2 in my current project and until now I'm still enjoying it. I wrote a blog entry, about my first experience. I also posted some ideas/feature requests to the mailing lists. Because of my past experience with some commercial and opensource appservers, I did not expected any feedback. But: I was surprised.
You will find feedback in my past comments from product managers, also some feature requests will be realized. I got extensive feedback from Roman Strobl (thanks).
This fact is in my opinion more important, than some fine grained features. It seems like Sun's tries to take developers in glassfish/netbeans space very seriously.
I tried also in the past to contribute some ideas to "netdynamics" (sun's old appserver), but my mails/ideas were simply ignored. So it seems's like Sun changed the attitude to software development. Hopefully the support and attitude in the commercial glassfish products will be as good as in the opensource community :-).

Disclaimer: I'm not a Sun employee, only a freelancer working in Java SE/EE space since the early JDK 1.0 days :-)


We think that user feedback is very important. You know if you develop and IDE or an App Server you have to know your users well, otherwise you may end up developing something nobody cares about. Before joining NetBeans I was a member of a couple of projects where the developers thought they knew what their customer wants but it turned out they rather developed it for themselves. That's just not good...

Posted by Roman Strobl on August 22, 2006 at 01:38 PM CEST #

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