The most asked question about Netbeans at W-JAX

At the W-JAX conference in Munich I shown some source code during a Java EE 5 workshop and explained EJB 3 using Netbeans 6b2 and Glassfish. I had to anwer some funny questions during the presentation:

  1.  is Netbeans free?
  2. is Netbeans opensource?
  3. what plugins are installed (I used just the UML Plugin and the Java EE edition)
  4. is the UML-Plugin free?
  5. How new is the matisse GUI Builder ("matisse")?
  6. Comes netbeans really with the profiler?
  7. Runs the JSF code only on Glassfish?
However it was fun. I enjoyed the workshop and the participants. The first two questions were asked in different variations :-).


The question, that I here most often about Netbeans is:

What about that editor?

Maybe it is worth to add it to your list ;-)


Posted by on November 19, 2007 at 02:07 PM CET #

Actually no one asked me about the editor. I used Netbeans 6 -> there is no much difference between Netbeans and e.g. Eclipse. In my opinion the Netbeans 6 editor is great (especially the alt+insert combination :-)), but the participants were more impressed by the UML, visual JSF, visual Swing, Glassfish integration, integrated profiler etc. Perhaps I just forgot the question :-)

Posted by Adam Bien on November 24, 2007 at 10:39 PM CET #

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