Trying To Launch Preinstalled Vista On ThinkPad SL500 - Ending Up With...

...installing ubuntu from scratch. I bought a new SL500 ThinkPad with preinstalled Vista as xmas gift and tried to start the OS. After five times, one and half hour reboots and strange "hkcmd.exe" errors I gave it up. In the evening we (actually my brother) formatted the disc and installed the whole Ubuntu operating system with all you need (JDK 16.u10, Flash, Firefox, OpenOffice etc., Sound) in exactly 30 minutes.

As I started with Linux (at the old DLD time) I had the opposite experience. I had even open the PC to find out a graphic-chip number - it took the whole day to install linux. Now the experience seems to be inverted. It remembers me somehow on the Java EE space. Now it is powerful and simple :-).


I have exactly the same experience with Windows/Linux :) Years ago I was using Windows, and tried to switch to Linux few times (it was Debian, then Fedora) but always gave up after some time. And I was also opening by box to see some numbers :) Since Ubuntu (it was 6.04) I am using Linux as my primary OS. Windows only for games (for which I have no time) and some apps which don't have Linux analogs (like ActiveSync for my phone).

Posted by Pawel Stawicki on December 28, 2008 at 06:59 PM CET #

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