Upcoming Java EE 5 / SE 6 (some free) Events, Hackings and Workshops - and the premiere of GreenFire

The very next event is an free "upgrade" session to Java 6, EE 5 called "Java 6, Faster, Simpler, Better" in Paderborn at 17.01.2008. Only one week later, at the oopconference in Munich, 23.01.2008, I will talk about pragmatic Enterprise Architectures first, but then introduce (actually disect) an Java EE 5, opensource, based heating control system - the project GreenFire. It saves a considerable amount of energy... I even hacked the GreenFire widget at the bottom of this blog, which monitors an excerpt of the current state of the heating - especially for this event :-). I'm going to check-in the remaining source into the repository as well.

At wednesday I will participate in the "come together" at the same conference - so we can chat about the optimization of your heating too :-). I'm really looking forward to the Java EE 5 event, at the 24.01.2008 in Munich. It will be more a "free style", totally free, Java User Group / NUG Munich event with real time hacking and answering participants questions - "free t-shirts" for best questions, and DVD loaded with information and tutorials are already included :-).

However, I'm especially looking forward to the (almost traditional), three day 27.02-29.02.2008 Workshop in Frankfurt during the "Entwickler Days" conference. "Entwickler Days" can be translated to "Developer Days", however in our case it would be rather "Hacking Days". So the idea of the workshop will be to develop Java EE 5 application from scratch. From scratch does mean - with the installation of the JDK, IDE, DB, application server, within 3-days. However this would be a "quality first" workshop, so we will concentrate on structure, testing configuration and the non-functional requirements. We will even spend some time for design (and execute) a BPEL-workflow, designing a rich client and JSF clients as well. I do not know the amount of already registered participants, however a smilar (...J2EE based) workshop was fully-booked two years ago.


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