WebComponents With or Without Java -- A Conversation with Marcus Hellberg

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An airhacks.fm conversation with @marcushellberg about:
"Vaadin in Turku, simplifying with EJB 3 without layers, hacking JavaScript in browser, www.itmill.comwww.millstone.org and the history of vaadin, how Joonas started vaadin, the benefits of opensource, WebComponents with Vaadin Elements, Java generates WebComponents, Java is listening to WebComponents, melting frameworks, framework-less development with WebStandards, effectiveweb workshop easy to explain ServiceWorkers, higher level caching strategies with WorkBox, simple code first, Markus Code One Talk, lit-html is the missing piece, high performance with lit-html, lit-html outperforms virtual DOM, Angular is J2EE for the frontend, Angular's clunky module system predates ES 6 modules, future Angular versions could migrate away from the proprietary module system, possible breaking changes every 6 months, questionable DI in browser, less code with WebStandards, polyfills make your app leaner, WebStandards are moving forward, webworkers and webassembly, the lean WebStandard revolution, enterprise integration with WebComponents, Custom Elements Everywhere, Polymer's mission statement is to go away, polymer is the anti framework, npm is the remaining strange thing, the future of Vaadin, PWA for Java developers, upcoming WebStandards, and layered APIs, Vaadin Flow, and Vaadin Components, @marcushellberg, @vaadin"

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