What You Can Build In 5 Minutes With Java EE 6 - ...and experimental features

During the 4developers conferece in Krakow (nice city with a dragon a good beer) I participated at the Java Underground - a series of shortalk after the launch and gave a talk with the title "Live And Lightweight EJB 3.1 Hacking". I used the experimental Netbeans 6.7m2 features and Glassfishv3 EA. In exactly five minutes (the guys were really strict about the timing :-)). I did the following:

  1. Started Glassfish v3 (took 2.4 seconds)
  2. Created a WAR project
  3. Developed a Singleton, @Startup Bean
  4. Changed and redeployed the bean to demo the "hot deployment" aka "Deploy On Save"
  5. Build a no-interface Session Bean
  6. Injected the Stateless Session Bean into the Singleton Bean
  7. Created a Servlet
  8. Injected the Session Bean into the Servlet

There was still enough time to explain what I actually did :-). Let see - next time I will try to deploy a persistent entity at that time as well.

Btw. it was a really good conference. I spent lots of time with Neal Ford, Ted Neward (thoughtworkers), Ivo Jansh (PHP guru), Raymond Lewallen (MVP) and nice guys from allegro.pl (a kind of polish ebay), discussing productivity (and the flow especially), testing of messaging systems and messaging patterns, functional languages, scaleability, performance and PHP architectures.



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Posted by Kris on March 17, 2009 at 06:00 PM CET #

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