Serverless Enterprise Java, TDD, Resilience, API Gateways, Optimistic Locking--Questions for 109th

Questions and topics for the 109th / 2023.4

  1. Test Driven Development
  2. Maven vs. Gradle
  3. Serverless Enterprise Java

Time machine 100 episodes ago 8th episode: 31st, October, 2014

resilience and discovery, OData vs. JSON, Lazy OneToMany and JAX-RS serialization problems, simple reporting solutions, API Gateways and Java EE, centralized API management solutions, enum serialization options, row-level authorization and Java EE
Backlog / timemachine 101 episodes ago 9th episode: 30th, November, 2014
batch processing over ejb scheduler, access to user-specific database for caller/user?, you can deploy Spring on any container, managing deployed microservices (status, healthchecks, restarting), local and production Docker setup, JSF and JavaScript frameworks, javax.persistence.OptimisticLockException recovery automation, session storage and Jakarta EE

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