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Actually I do not like weblogs and especially other Web 2.0 stuff with often no useful or interesting content. It is also hard for me to understand, why people love to publish private information - often photos etc. to the broad community.

Another very interesting point is the effort. There are several luminaries in the cyberspace, who publish articles, hold talks at conferences, create podcasts and write weblogs and books. Now the great question: When they work in real projects? In case they do not have time for projects - how they gained the experience? Is it possible to stretch time?

On the other hand, the Roller Weblogger is a really great software -> I was very curious about the architecture and functionality, so I spent 2 hours and I just installed it. I will use this weblog to discuss some issues and questions, which I also do not understand like "What exiting and new about SOA?", "Why is AJAX better the plain Swing?", "What is actually Web 2.0?", "Is offshore really cheaper?" etc. I tried several times to discuss this topics on conferences, workshops and topics - but I'm still not very satisfied. Your comments are appreciated.


I think it's a good idea to talk about such questions here and it's great that you take your time writing articles and answering questions (here).
Blogging is a good method for that - it's like a "monologues" web forum ;)

Keep it up!

Posted by Christoph on July 14, 2006 at 01:50 AM CEST #


Thank you for your answer -> now we have a dialog :-). My motivation here: clarification of some open questions, buzzwords and "golden hammer" technologies. I have also some articles as PDFs which I would like to publish. I only have to find them :-). I'll misuse weblogger as CMS -> its much easier to keep my homepage in sync.

Posted by Adam Bien on July 14, 2006 at 01:12 PM CEST #

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